• Long gantry laser cutting machine
  • Long gantry laser cutting machine

Long gantry laser cutting machine

product details

Product Name: gantry laser cutting machine
Model: long
Product summary:
Working principle of gantry laser cutting machine: the dynamic lens is used to focus in the focus area in real time according to the change of cutting position, which greatly makes the focus always on the cloth surface for cutting. It has powerful function and simple operation (integrating the functions of embroidery, laser and hot drilling). It cooperates with the powerful R & D team of Italy GMI to ensure the continuous development of software control technology.
Advantages of gantry laser cutting machine:
Fast speed
The laser head is driven by brushless motor, with high acceleration and fast moving speed.
Italian GMI software control technology is adopted. Under the same conditions, the cutting speed is faster and the cutting conversion between embroidery heads is faster
Less time.
High accuracy
The moving accuracy of the laser head reaches 0.01mm
Smaller laser spot
The laser position can be adjusted according to the embroidery position
Wide cutting range
A large cutting point is smaller from the needle plate hole position
Wide application range
Clothing, footwear fabrics, leather, denim fabrics, home textile fabrics, all kinds of decorative fabrics.
Low scrap rate
The software can control and accurately align the position of laser snowflakes
Cost saving and automatic completion of cutting
Low failure rate
Core accessories, exclusively provided by Italy GMI
Mature technology (GMI has more than 20 years of market experience)
Professional technical team
Materials processed by gantry laser cutting machine
Clothing, denim fabrics, footwear fabrics, home textile products, leather, all kinds of decorative fabrics, etc.


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