• Gh1610t-at-p projection positioning laser cutting machine
  • Gh1610t-at-p projection positioning laser cutting machine

Gh1610t-at-p projection positioning laser cutting machine

product details

Product Name: projection positioning laser cutting machine
Model: gh1610t-at-p
Product description
Gh1610t-at-p projection positioning laser cutting machine has two powerful functions: automatic feeding function and projection camera positioning cutting function. The multi-functional automatic feeding laser cutting machine is the choice of clothing and leather fabric cutting and processing industry. Multi material automatic feeding device, single / double head arbitrary interaction, with intelligent graphic typesetting software, industrial four balanced linear guide rail, imported stainless steel automatic feeding mesh belt, domestic well-known brand high-quality laser tube and anti wrinkle device to make the materials smooth and save materials.
Product advantages
1. Intelligently optimize the cutting path, greatly reduce waste, speed up the cutting speed, and easily realize mass production.
2. Super intelligent layout software (optional) can carry out intelligent layout in the processing format according to the size of cutting graphics and the number of workpieces to be arranged. This layout method can greatly improve the material utilization rate and greatly save processing materials and layout time compared with manual layout, so as to improve the processing efficiency and reduce the production cost.
Applicable materials
Leather, PU leather, cloth, plexiglass, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, acrylic, paper, wool, bamboo products, two-color board, ABC board, PVC board, fiberboard and composite materials.
Applicable industry
This type of machine is suitable for clothing, cloth toys, computer embroidery and cutting, handbags, shoes, plastics, advertising, packaging, industrial gifts, cloth embroidery, models, hand board models, furniture and many other industries.

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