• Gh1610t-at leather cloth laser cutting machine
  • Gh1610t-at leather cloth laser cutting machine

Gh1610t-at leather cloth laser cutting machine

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Product Name: leather cloth laser cutting machine, clothing laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine
Machine model: gh1610t-at
Technical parameters:
Product model: GH1610T-AT|GH1810T-AT
Laser type: Glass encapsulated CO2 laser tube
Cooling mode: water-cooling
Working area: 1600mm*1000mm|1800mm*1000mm
Overall power: ≈2015W
Maximum laser power: ≤90W
Engraving speed: ≤1200mm/s
Cutting speed: ≤600mm/s
Machining accuracy: ±0.05mm
Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm
Machine size: 2380mm*2100mm*1170mm
Weight: Net weight: 535kg
Power requirements: 220VAC, 10A/50-60hz
Environmental requirements: Windows xp/7,AI,PLT,DXF,DST,BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNA,TIF
System compatible format: Temperature 10-30 ℃, humidity (no condensation) 30-80%
Common format size (mm): 700*500|900*600|…|1800*1200
Configuration Description: Optional, single / double head, automatic feeding, camera positioning, projection positioning, etc
Application process:
Laser processes such as garment template, paperboard punching, cutting, seamless, engraving and cutting, as well as intelligent laser system applications such as automatic feeding, camera positioning and projection positioning.
Advantages of this product:
Ø integrated feeding system, smooth feeding, more material saving and unattended
High speed and stable cutting, arbitrary interaction between single and double heads, high efficiency
Ø cut no yellow edge, no black edge, no scorched edge
Intelligent typesetting - material saving, fast and automatic counting
Applicable products:
Leather, PU leather, cloth, plexiglass, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin, acrylic, paper, wool, bamboo products, two-color board, ABC board, PVC board, fiberboard and composite materials.





产品型号: GH1610T-AT|GH1810T-AT
激光器类型: 玻璃封装CO2激光管
冷却方式: 水冷
工作面积: 1600mm*1000mm|1800mm*1000mm
整机功率: ≈2015W
最大激光功率: ≤90W
雕刻速度: ≤1200mm/s
切割速度: ≤600mm/s
加工精度: ±0.05mm
重复定位精确度: ±0.03mm
机器尺寸: 2380mm*2100mm*1170mm
重量: 净重:535kg
电源要求: 220VAC, 10A/50-60hz
系统兼容格式: 温度10-30℃,湿度(无结露)30-80%
常见幅面大小(mm): 700*500|900*600|…|1800*1200
配置说明: 可任意选配,单/双头,自动送料,摄像定位,投影定位等





1 一体送料系统,送料平顺更省料,实现无人值守

2 高速稳定裁剪,单双头任意互动,效率高

3 切割不黄边,不黑边,不焦边

4 智能排版-省料,快速,自动计数




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