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Electronic industry - laser cutting machine

Release time:2021-07-29 source:Dongguan guangboshi Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Product Name: nonmetal laser cutting machine
Model: Dr. Guang gn641
Product summary
Gn641 non-metallic laser cutting machine features: new models developed for non-metallic cutting industries; The moving part adopts imported linear guide rail and high-speed stepping subdivision motor; Embedded computer control, DSP digital high-speed processing technology, off-line operation, humanized operation interface. It can store 128M processing files, and has the function of random control of laser power and engraving and cutting speed, with high cutting precision. It is a good choice for non-metallic laser cutting industry and laser processing center.
Advantages of non-metallic laser cutting machine: high performance screw drive system and high cutting precision.
Product advantages
1. High cutting precision
2. High performance screw drive system is adopted
3. Panasonic servo drive system
4. High performance imported bearings are adopted
5. Multiple data interactive transmission modes
6. Perfect optical system
7. Built in computer automatic cutting system
Applicable materials
Film sheet, gasket (mobile phone gasket), 3M, pet, Pt, PC, PP, PS, PCR, SMT, ITO, EMI, El, all kinds of tape materials,, backlight, cold light sheet, touch panel, switch film, electronic insulation materials, dust-free cloth, foam, acrylic, plexiglass, two-color board, fiberboard, crystal, rubber, plastic, leather, cloth and other fabrics, clothing accessories, wood High density board, cardboard (paper), etc., mobile phone shell or key nozzle, touch screen, display electronic paper, display panel, etc., which require high precision cutting in the electronic consumer goods industry; Divide PCB circuit board, cut PC, acrylic shell or key nozzle.
Applicable industry
This type of machine is used in packaging and printing, modeling, clothing, electronics, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery and cutting, and technology
Products, advertising, decoration, paper products and other professional users in many industries.

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