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Aiming at the technical analysis of current laser cutting machine

Release time:2021-07-28 source:Dongguan guangboshi Laser Technology Co., Ltd

According to the analysis of the application of laser cutting machine technology in China, CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in 12mm thick low carbon steel plate; 6mm thick stainless steel plate and 20mm thick non-metallic materials (such as acrylic, PV plate, etc.). The cutting of three-dimensional space curve has also begun to be applied in automobile and aviation industry. Therefore, products suitable for CO2 laser cutting can be divided into three categories:
Class I: metal sheet metal parts that are not suitable for manufacturing molds from the perspective of technology and economy, especially those with complex contour shape, small batch and general thickness; 12mm mild steel; 6mm thick stainless steel to save the cost and cycle of manufacturing molds. Typical products adopted include: structural parts of automatic elevator, elevator panel, machine tool and grain machinery cover, various electrical cabinets, switch cabinets, textile machinery parts, structural parts of engineering machinery, silicon steel sheet of large motor, etc. This kind of laser cutting machine needs relatively high power.
Class II: patterns, marks and fonts of stainless steel (generally 3mm thick) or non-metallic materials (generally 20mm thick) used in decoration, advertising, leather and service industries. Such as the patterns of art photo albums, handicrafts, signs of companies, units, hotels and shopping malls, acrylic Chinese and English fonts in stations, docks and public places.
Class III: special parts requiring uniform seam cutting. The most widely used typical part is the die-cutting plate used in the packaging and printing industry. It requires cutting a slot with a seam width of 0.7 ~ 0.8mm on a 20mm thick wood template, and then inlaying a blade in the slot. When in use, cut various printed graphic packaging boxes on the die-cutting machine. A new field of application in China in recent years is oil screen slotted pipe. In order to prevent sediment from entering the oil well pump, a uniform cutting seam with a width of 0.3mm is cut on the alloy steel pipe with a wall thickness of 6 ~ 9mm. The diameter of the small hole at the starting and cutting hole can not be 0.3mm. The cutting technology is difficult, and many units have been put into production.

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