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Five core technologies of laser in optical fiber laser marking machine

Release time:2021-07-28 source:Dongguan guangboshi Laser Technology Co., Ltd
Fiber laser is the best way for the practical and industrial application of fiber laser, and it is also the only skill plan for commercialization and industrialization at present. Carry out five key skills of all fiber laser, including double clad fiber, cladding pump coupling, fiber grating, high-power multimode pumped semiconductor laser and fiber laser. The following is a brief introduction to the five core technical principles of the laser in the optical doctor fiber laser marking machine.
1. Special optical fiber skills
All fiber lasers need to use a variety of special fibers such as double clad active fiber, double clad photosensitive fiber and energy transmission fiber. With the continuous improvement of output power, the skill demand for special fibers is also higher and higher. Therefore, the development of special fibers will play an important role in the development of fiber lasers. The new generation of special fiber represented by photonic crystal fiber will be gradually used in the development of fiber laser. The development of special optical fiber will make the active optical fiber have higher gain, greater power density and more effective absorption of pump light; It will make the manufacture of grating simpler, the stability of grating is very good, and the grating is more widely used in fiber laser; The energy transmission optical fiber can transmit higher power, the high-power laser can be transmitted at a longer interval, and the wavelength scale that can be transmitted is continuously expanded; It will make the pump coupling easier to complete, the acceptable pump power higher, the loss smaller and so on.
2. Cladding pump coupling skills
The cladding pump coupling skill of all fiber laser has an inestimable effect on determining the performance and level of fiber laser. The fiber pump coupling equipment and fiber power composition equipment used for high-power all fiber lasers are used under very high power conditions. The coupling power must be very high, the loss must be very small, the received power must be very large, and the number of input light channels needs to be as many as possible. Under so many extreme conditions, it is very difficult to manufacture high-quality pump coupling equipment and power composition equipment. However, there are many ways and methods to complete it, which is a challenging skill. From the development trend of high-power all fiber laser, pump coupling equipment is also required to couple the pump light to the inner cladding, so as not to affect and endanger the core of double clad fiber as far as possible. As long as this way, cascade pump can be completed without affecting the generation and transmission of signal laser and super power output can be completed. This paper holds that the development direction of pump coupling equipment is to develop the pump coupling skills that have the least impact on the fiber core. For optical fiber power composition equipment, the goal is to continuously improve the optical power of composition.
3. Fiber Bragg grating skills
The current effect of fiber Bragg grating in all fiber laser is that the signal laser in the reflection core forms a resonant cavity. However, with the further development of fiber laser technology, fiber Bragg grating will have new uses in fiber laser, and then put forward new challenges to the manufacturing technology of fiber Bragg grating, which is one of the directions worthy of attention, It is to manufacture high-quality fiber gratings on large core diameter multimode fibers.
4. Semiconductor pumped laser skills
Semiconductor pump laser is the key equipment of fiber laser, which is very important to the reliability, lifetime and manufacturing cost of fiber laser. Developing a long-life semiconductor pump laser with a single wide light-emitting region has become a trend of semiconductor pump laser for fiber laser, and continuously improve the output power of a single laser Continuously reducing the cost and further improving the reliability are the key points. Improving and innovating the packaging structure should be the central work, because the proportion of the current packaging cost is still very high.
5. Overall skills of fiber laser
The overall planning and manufacturing of all fiber laser involves a lot of common sense, content, skills, skills, experience and know how. It is the most central and crucial skill in the planning and manufacturing of all fiber laser. Especially today, when the development history of new high-power all fiber laser is still appropriate and short, there are still many pioneering work needs to be carried out. The overall planning and manufacturing of all fiber laser not only needs to be reasonably planned for use, but also shoulders the burden of improving the overall structure and plan, as well as the improvement and innovation of important components and key skills. At present, in the world scale, the manufacturers who plan and manufacture the whole fiber laser have a lot of investment in innovation.

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